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What we are doing at our schools to reduce the impact of poor air quality

The continuing effects of the Camp Fire on our air quality can be difficult, especially for those with breathing sensitivities.

After discussions with our staff, the County Office of Education, the Napa County Dept of Public Health, and other North Bay districts, along with consideration of various factors, NVUSD will take the following precautions to lessen the effects on our students and staff.

  • In elementary schools, teachers have been directed to move PE, lunch, recess and any other relevant activities indoors. Secondary schools are encouraged to maximize as much internal space as possible and to modify their supervision protocols to ensure students are safe.

  • All staff have been directed to keep doors and windows closed.

  • Our Maintenance and Operations staff is operating the ventilation system with recirculating (not outside) air and dampers closed, to maintain the air quality in the classrooms and staff areas

  • Teachers and other staff who work directly with your students will follow protocols for any students who have concerning symptoms or reactions by contacting parents directly. Our school nurses are also available to respond to concerns.

  • Athletics will follow NCS Guidelines regarding postponement or cancellation.

  • If your student has asthma but does not have an inhaler at school and you want to send one,  please download the NVUSD medication form and ask your health care provider (doctor) to complete and sign it. Return it to your school office with your student's inhaler. 

As parents, you know your student’s health and needs best, and we encourage you to make the best choice for your student in terms of attendance. If you decide to keep your student out of school, please just follow the usual attendance protocols for your school. The absence will be excused and teachers will talk with your student about making up the work.

NVUSD will continue to monitor the situation and will send ongoing communication, as needed. We will also post announcements on the school websites. Thank you for your support.

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District Published:11/13/18
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