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Caregiver Affidavits and Declaration of Residency

If you are enrolling a child that you are caring for that is not legally yours, a caregiver affidavits must be completed before enrolling them in school.  This procedure must be done every school year.

Caregiver affidavits are applied for through NVUSD Child Welfare and Attendance office (707-259-3585). 

Students qualify as District residents if they reside FULL TIME in the home of a caregiving adult living within the District boundaries. Declaration of Residency affidavits may be obtained at the school office or at the district office. Both affidavits require district office approval.

This caregiver adult or "Declaration of Residency" adult must provide residency verification as outlined above. "Full time" residency is defined as:

  • The student's primary address is that of the caregiving adult or "declaration of residency" adult and

  • The student resides in the home of the caregiving adult or "declaration of residency" adult 24 hours a day.

Enrolling at NVIS

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There are many different paths to learning. To be successful is to choose a path, step forward, and embrace the journey. right quotes.png








Yearly Registration Forms ~ Returning Students 2018-2019

Each year, California Education Code (EC 51747(c)(5) requires yearly documentation for enrollment.  These forms will be valid for one school year.  If a student is to enroll at another school during the year and returns back to NVIS, a new registration folder will need to be completed. 


Below is the link to access all the forms for enrollment.  Please click on each link, download, read, and complete each form before your next meeting.  


Yearly Registration Forms for Returning Students 2018-2019


With the unique learning strategy (independent study), students work closely with their teachers to develop an individualize curriculum that meets the need of each student.  Using one on one appointments and small group instruction, NVA is able to offer a high degree of flexibility and strategies to help meet the needs of a wide range of students in K-12 that may include:

  • Highly gifted students who are seek to enhance their current academic structure.

  • Students who face challenges with various health issues.

  • Students who are facing hardships and have fallen behind in credits.

  • Students that must work to help with the financials of the family due to various reasons.

  • Students that are engaged in outside curricular activities beyond school.

  • Students that need individualize attention and are at risk of dropping out.

  • Students that are coming from home schools or private schools that need a bridge to the traditional school setting.                       

‚Äč*note: NVA may require proof of hardship for enrollment.

Independent study is not for all students. Students wishing to enroll must have a high level of commitment towards school, be motivated, have and be willing to learn organizational skills, and desire to be self directed.  

At NVIS, we encourage students to take charge of their learning and be actively engage in all aspects of the school and community.  This is a voluntary setting and a classroom option will always be available.  Students and parents must understand that if they are not successful at NVA they will be transferred to another educational setting, which may affect class selection and graduation.

“There are many different paths to learning. To be successful is to choose a path, step forward, and embrace the journey.”