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Documents and Policies

Student Learning Outcomes


Students at Napa Valley Independent Studies will be:


  1. Academic Achievers who are engaged in a variety of inquiry-based experiences that show growth toward college and career goals.

  2. Complex Thinkers who can use critical and creative thinking skills to successfully acquire, analyze, organize and apply information.

  3. Self-directed Learners who can set short/long-term goals and follow through with them. They will be technologically proficient, make informed decisions, be on time, be responsible and accept consequences. They will accept the challenge of lifelong learning.

  4. Effective Communicators who articulate ideas, opinions and information in a responsible and respectful manner. They will incorporate technology as a means of communication and sharing information. They will show respect for diverse perspectives.

  5. Respectful Citizens who contribute to the classroom and community, display personal character and academic integrity, and abide by the BEST Expectations of the Napa Valley Unified School District.


Dress Code

Napa Valley Unified School District

Vintage High School Learning Environment Expectations


Student dress and grooming must be appropriate for class and school activities, not be a safety or health hazard, and not cause a disruption to the educational environment as outlined in NVUSD Board Policy 5132. In addition, daily attendance as well as being on time to class ensures student academic success (NVUSD BP 5113).


Below are expectations students need to follow while attending school and school activities:

1. Shoes must be worn at all times.


2. Excessive bareness is not permitted. Examples of clothing that could be considered inappropriate are, but not limited to the following:

 Bare midriff

 Bare or open back shirts/blouses

 Strapless/tube tops

 Ripped clothing

 Tank tops for boys and muscle tank tops for boys and girls

 Spaghetti straps

 See through clothing

 Skirt, shorts and dress length must cover to the mid-thigh


3. Clothing that is offensive, profane, obscene, degrading to ethnic/religious and any relation to gang activity are not permitted.


4. Clothing that advertises drug, alcohol or tobacco are not permitted.


5. Underwear/undergarments may not be exposed.


6. At teacher discretion, students may be asked to remove hats and/or hoods/hoodies during class.


7. Students must attend school everyday and be on time to each class (NVUSD BP 5113).


8. Cell phones and other electronic devices must be silenced and put away during class time. In addition, all ear buds and/or head phones must be put away during class time.


9. Chains of any length or thickness may not be worn.


10. Bandanas or hairnets are not allowed to be worn at any time.


Any article of clothing that is deemed inappropriate by the NVIS Staff may not be worn. If you are unsure about something you want to wear please ask an administrator before wearing the article of clothing. Dressing inappropriately will result in the student being asked to change or sent home. Any class time missed during this time will need to be made up, during intervention.


In addition, any student who has multiple infractions for not dressing appropriately, and/or not following the electronic device or tardy polices will be refer to the principal for disciplinary actions.