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Grade Level Courses

6 - 8 (Middle School)

Our middle school program is designed to help the students as they transition into high school.  We incorporated project based learning along with our individual instruction.  We are continually striving for ways to incorporate 21st Century skills, collaboration and higher level thinking.



Language Arts


Social Studies


Physical Education

Exploratory (classes will vary)


Kindergarten - 5 (Elementary)

In keeping aligned with Common Core Standards, our instructors build upon previous knowledge of the student to determine proper curriculum lessons.  Working with the child one on one, they are able to check for mastery through different forms of summative and formative assessments.



English Language Arts



Physical Education



Other subject matter:

Social and Emotional Development



PBL projects (project based learning)

9 - 12 (High School)

NVIS's 9-12 program meets the rigors of A-G requirements.  Being a WASC accredited, we take pride in offering course work that meets the Common Core Standards.  We meet with our students one on one, in a safe learning environment.  All instruction is tailored to meet the needs of the individual students.  We do accommodate most students on IEP's and 504 plans.   Listed below are the available courses and their course objectives.


Courses (Click on the class to see Course Descriptions):

P English 9

H English 9

P English 10

H English 10

American Lit

Modern Literature

P Mathematics I
P Mathematics II

H Mathematics II

P Mathematics III

H Mathematics III

Health Education  
PE 9  

PE 10  

Physical Education
World History  

US History  
Earth Science



Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Spanish 3

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1

Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2

Art 1

Art 2

Art 3

Studio Art

Teacher's Assisstant

Community Service

Student Leadership

Work Study