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State law requires all students entering 7th grade to provide proof of having received a T-DAP or Pertussis (whooping cough) booster, prior to the start of school in August. Students who have not received this booster shot will not be allowed to start school next August for the 2018-2019 school year. Parents will receive a letter in the mail soon which gives more detailed information regarding the state law. Proof of the vaccine should be brought to the student's school office.

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 3/16/18

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Spring Break is March 26-30.

Please don't miss school days before or after the break.


Short answer: Yes. Attendance matters. 

It matters to your STUDENT 
* Children who miss 20 or more days of school in kindergarten through third grade do poorly in school, and have future problems with truancy, delinquency and substance abuse, and are more likely to drop out of school.
* For low-income students in urban areas, each additional day absent from school in elementary grades is associated with a 7% lower probability of graduating from high school.
* Truancy is a 97% predictor of first-time drug use. The greater the number of truant days, the greater the use. 
This information is from the California Dept of Education.

It matters to your SCHOOL
At NVUSD, the average student is absent 7 days each school year. If we can reduce that to an average of 5 days, it would save the District $1.5 million in lost funding from the state. That amount represents nearly half of NVUSD's budget reductions for 2018-2019. Please plan family vacations to correspond to school breaks. 
Thank you!

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 3/12/18

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Your child's safety is our first priority.

  • Read the letter from Superintendent Sweeney.
  • For more information, visit our Student Safety webpage to find out more about mental health services, facilities safety, lockdown and other drills and more. 
Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 2/22/18

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The Board of Education has begun its search for a new superintendent and the members want to hear from you, our parents and community, about what is important to you in a superintendent of schools.

You can attend an in-person meeting (Feb. 12, Feb. 13, or Feb. 15) or complete an online survey (closes Feb. 19 at 11:59 PM). More info here.

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 2/9/18

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The week of April 16th, we will be devoted

to state-mandated testing. 

Click below for testing dates and times. 


Student Testing Schedule (PE, CAASPP, CAST)


Statewide Testing Notification Parent Letter 2018

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 2/4/18

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WHEN:  Sunday, February 25, 2018, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

WHERE:  Vintage High School, 1375 Trower Avenue, Napa

WHO:  All teens and young adults ages 12 to 25 years.

WHAT:  Screenings take 60-90 minutes (wait times may vary). 

HOW:  Your child must be registered online in advance and bring completed health form:

COST:  Free




Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 1/26/18

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To help start the year out right we have put together some info about our program and the many positive changes to school meals at NVUSD.


Download (English/Español)


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 1/23/18

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Coming soon! 

Want to go to the sold-out event, Bottlerock?  

(2) 3-Day Passes

Raffle tickets will be on sale Feb 26 - March 9


1 ticket =  $5.00

5 tickets =  $20.00

13 tickets = $50.00

30 tickets = $100.00

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 1/16/18

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We are delighted to announce that in partnership with Browns Valley Elementary school there will be an ALPS Academy this Winter Break.


The Theme will be TED Talks


When:   Monday- Wednesday Dec. 18-20

Time:     9:00am-12:00pm

Where:  Browns Valley Elementary School, 2001 Buhman Ave.

Who:     3rd-6th graders.

Cost:      $100 


Students will spread ideas in the form of short powerful talks, by creating their own TED Talk. They will view and analyze TED Talks on all different subjects. 

  • More information is available on the attached FLYER.
  • Please download and submit the attached Registration form with your payment. 

For inquiries please contact Browns Valley School: (707) 253-3761 or the ALPS office: (707) 253-3815 x 4881.



Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 11/13/17

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Winter Break is Dec. 18 - Jan. 5. School resumes Jan. 8, 2018.


Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after the winter holiday break as families squeeze in a few more vacation days.


It’s time to break that cycle. We know that just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to too much lost learning time and put your child behind in school.


Our teachers will be teaching, and our students will be learning, right up until each break starts and the first day back. You can help us convey that message. This holiday season, give your children the gift of an education and the habit of attendance.

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 11/7/17

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Date: Thursday, Nov. 9

Time: 6:30 PM

Location: NVUSD Ed Center Auditorium, 2425 Jefferson St. Napa


Join us on for presentations and discussion on topics related to school safety and security, including facilities, emergency drills and protocols, emergency communications and more.


Spanish interpretation will be available. See you there! 



Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 11/1/17

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October/November topics:

  • Food service as schools reopen
  • Oct. 24 Food Day is postponed
  • No school on Friday, Oct. 27
  • Elementary school conferences
  • Safety and Security Parent Meeting postponed
  • Oct. 26 School Expo canceled
  • Support NVUSD students and staff affected by the fires

Read the article >>>


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 10/24/17

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Four updates:

  • Food service this week
  • The planned non-student day on Friday, Oct. 27
  • Elementary parent conferences
  • Wednesday’s Safety and Security Parent meeting

We want to clarify that school breakfast and lunch are not free to all students this week. We realize that many families have had a change in housing or income status due to the fires, and we will provide breakfast and lunch to those students while we work to get the proper paperwork completed.


Secondly, as planned, there will be no school for students on Friday, Oct. 27. We are working with our teachers on options for recovering student learning lost during the fire emergency. We will share those plans as soon as they are available.


Next, if your student is in elementary school, you will hear directly from the school about rescheduling your parent conference. The intent is to complete conferences before Thanksgiving break.


Finally, we will reschedule the Safety and Security Parent meeting that was scheduled for this Wednesday, Oct. 25, at the District Auditorium. Please watch for the new date.


Thank you, and welcome back to school!

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 10/23/17

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>> Click here

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 10/23/17

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There will be no Super Saturday School at any NVUSD school on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 10/19/17

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Here's why:

  • We committed to making attendance decisions based on air quality, and the forecast for the week continues to include periods in the red (unhealthy) and purple (very unhealthy) zones.
  • There is just too much variability in air quality to be confident for an entire school day.

We are committed to getting students back in school as quickly as possible, but only when the air quality situation is more reliably orange (unhealthy for sensitive groups) or better. 


NVUSD staff will get additional information through their usual communication channels.


For students with asthma

If your student has asthma but does not have an inhaler at school and you want to send one,  please download the NVUSD medication form and ask your health care provider (doctor) to complete and sign it. Return it to your school office with your student's inhaler.



>> NVUSD Napa Fire Follow-up: More Info and Resources


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 10/17/17

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Please share!!!

City of Napa public (in-person) information meetings will happen today!

Please plan on attending an public information session. The first will be at 1 PMBrowns Valley Elementary and the second will be at 6 PM at the City of Napa City Hall (2nd and School Street). Spanish speaking staff will be available for translation services.

The information sessions will pertain to City of Napa services in the City jurisdiction.

Thank you!

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 10/11/17

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Our first progress reports are now ready for students to pick up.  They can get their progress reports from their Main English Teacher during their class time this week.  As you review the progress report with them, it is important to discuss the following: 

~ Current grades (should be C or higher)

~ Current credit (should be at 1.5 credits per class)

~ Comments


If you have questions, please email the teachers. Emails can be found on the school website at


Please email our counselor Kelsey Ortlieb  ( if you like to schedule a meeting to discuss grades, credits, and or strategies for success in the Independent Studies program.  


Thank you for taking the time to be a vital part in your child's education.  

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 9/29/17

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September/October topics:

  • Must be present to learn!
  • Your student ID is your Napa County Library card
  • American Canyon schools meeting on Oct. 3
  • Open Enrollment begins Oct. 2
  • School Expo is Oct. 26
  • Food Day is Oct. 24

Read the article >>>

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 9/26/17

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Video en español


If there is anything standing in your way of getting your child to school every day, on time, the best way that we can fully support your child is through communication. Please don’t hesitate to contact any member of the school staff. Come in to talk with us, set up an appointment, call, or email at any time. Thank you for your efforts in all that you do as parents to help your child succeed!


¡¡La escuela ya está en marcha, y su asistencia también debería estarlo!! Si hay cualquier cosa que les impida llevar a sus hijos a la escuela cada día, puntualmente, la mejor manera que tenemos de apoyar a sus hijos es mediante la comunicación. Por favor, no duden en contactar con cualquier miembro del personal escolar. Vengan a hablar con nosotros, concierten una cita, llamen o envíen un email en cualquier momento. ¡Gracias por sus esfuerzos en todo lo que hacen como padres para ayudar a que su hijo/a tenga éxito!


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 9/18/17

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Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 9/14/17

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Our Mindfulness Group is starting in one week! We would love to see you there! Still not sure what Mindfulness is? Check out what these High School Students from San Francisco have to say about it in this short video.

Posted by: Kelsey Ortlieb
Published: 9/13/17

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Worldwide, nationally and locally, humans are being challenged by forces of nature: fires, hurricanes, earthquakes and more. Close to home, we know the anxiety and uncertainty people feel when their world is changed overnight, such as the earthquake of Aug. 24, 2014. So our empathy for those in Texas, Florida, Mexico and other places is real and heartfelt.


Many in our community are uncertain and anxious due to the announced changes in the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy.  


Our Board of Trustees, as well as the County Supervisors and municipal councils, resolved in April 2017: “We aspire to be a model for inclusion and equity for all populations, including immigrants, refugees, and other newcomers and are committed to supporting the ongoing inclusion and long-term economic and social integration of newcomers, and to demonstrate values of unity and acceptance.”


We will continue to follow the policies put in place nationally, including Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, until new policies or laws are enacted, and remain committed to our vision of preparing all of our community’s children for college and careers in the 21st century.


El NVUSD se compromete a servir a todos los estudiantes


A nivel mundial, nacional y local, los seres humanos están siendo desafiados por las fuerzas de la naturaleza: incendios, huracanes y otros elementos. Cerca de casa, somos conscientes de la ansiedad y la incertidumbre que la gente siente cuando su mundo cambia de la noche a la mañana, como pasó con el terremoto del 24 de agosto de 2014. Así que nuestra empatía por aquellas personas que viven en Texas, Florida, México y otros lugares es real y sentida.


Muchas personas de nuestra comunidad tienen incertidumbre y ansiedad debido a los cambios anunciados sobre la normativa Acción Diferida para Llegadas Infantiles (DACA, por sus siglas en inglés).  


Nuestra Mesa del Consejo Directivo, así como los Supervisores del Condado y consejos municipales, resolvieron en abril de 2017: “Aspiramos a ser un ejemplo de inclusión y equidad para todas las poblaciones, inclusive inmigrantes, personas refugiadas y otros recién llegados, y estamos comprometidos con el hecho de apoyar la inclusión económica y social continua y a largo plazo de los recién llegados, y con el hecho de demostrar los valores de la unidad y la aceptación.”


Continuaremos siguiendo las normativas que se implementen a nivel nacional, inclusive la Acción Diferida para Llegadas Infantiles, hasta que se promulguen nuevas normativas o leyes, y permanecemos comprometidos con nuestra visión de preparar a todos los niños y niñas de nuestra comunidad para la universidad y las profesiones del siglo 21.


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 9/12/17

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Napa County Public Health is offering free seasonal flu vaccine shots to anyone over 3 years of age


The spray version of the vaccine is not available this year, but the flu shot is still the safest and most effective way to avoid getting the flu. In addition to protecting yourself from getting sick, the vaccine can prevent you from spreading the flu to your family and other people who are more likely to have severe illness.


See the attached schedule for dates and locations.


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 9/11/17

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One month has passed since the start of school.  It has been a great start and I want to remind students ad parents of the following: 


~ Interventions from 12:30 to 1:00 pm daily (on the days your teacher is here).  This is a great time to come and seek 1:1 help.  Yo may also call or email your teachers to set p a appointment to see them.  


Student Record Sheets: If you like to see weekly progress on how well your child is doing and to have access to their 'Student Record Sheet' click this link.  Student Record Sheet


Medications. If your child is o medications, it is import at that the school know about them and have them on file.  Please email the principal ( with the medication name, dosage, how often, and what it was prescribed for.  Please remember, that all prescriptions must be kept at home.  If you would like to have medications (prescriptions and over the counter) at school, a parent would need to come in and complete the paperwork for administering medications during school.   


Dress Code:  NVIS follows the district guidelines for dress codes.  Please click on the link:  Dress Code.  Students that violate the dress code will be asked to change clothes or be sent home.  Students that are sent home to change, will need to come to intervention to make up the missed class. 


Mindfulness Group: NVIS will hosting a Mindfulness Group for students.  Students will learn techniques to help them with anxiety, depression, and stress.  Limited spaces are available.  Please email our counselor to sign up.


Attendance: If your child is sick, a parent will need to come to the office on the day they missed and drop off any work that the student completed.  To get full credit for the work completed, the student must attend a scheduled intervention that will be set up by the office.  Interventions can only be scheduled if work is turned in.  This opportunity must be completed before the next class period. 


Please feel free to send an email to the principal ( if you have any questions. NVIS thanks you and your commitment to your child's education.  


Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 9/10/17

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Continuing this year for middle and high school students with elementary students being added this fall

  • NVUSD students IDs will also serve as a Napa County Library card
  • Students will have full access to Napa County Library resources
  • Students will automatically be enrolled in the program unless a parent choose to opt-out of this service.
  • Service to new secondary students and elementary students will be activated October 1st, 2017.
  • Continuing secondary students already have access.



Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 9/5/17

Audience: Homepage


Many of you have questions about how to talk with friends and families who may be afraid of how this most recent action will impact their lives.


Here are some things to consider:

  • We respect each other even when we disagree

  • We will continue to learn together and support one another

  • We seek to listen to understand

We are a community and will care for each other, each and every one of us is important.  Remember we are here for you. Please, reach out to trusted adults on campus.  We want everyone to feel safe, cared for, and listened to here at school.


Here are a few places that can help:  

  • Puertas Abiertas

  • International Institute of the Bay Area

  • McPherson and Phillips Family Resource Centers

  • NVUSD Community and Parent  Liaisons

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 9/5/17

Audience: Homepage

NVIS phones are down.  Please email the following: 


Marcie Phillips (office secretary)

Andrea Cervantes (Attendance)

Susan Wilson (Principal)


We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 8/28/17

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Ed Matters logo

August/September topics:

  • Watch your mail for CAASPP results
  • Parent Guide available at schools and online
  • Student paperwork is so important!
  • County Public Health Officer reminds us about vaccinations
  • Measure H Bond Oversight Committee welcomes you


Read the article >>>

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 8/24/17

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Back to School Night


August 28, 2017


6:00 - 7:00 pm


NVIS staff cordially invites you to attend Back to School Night.  You will have the opportunity to: 

~ meet teachers, counselor, and the principal

~ view curriculum

~ gain tips on how to help your child with time management and academic planning. 

~ learn ways to be involved (Career Week, donations) 


We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday. 


Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 8/24/17

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Safety Procedures for Monday morning


On Monday morning, we will be experiencing a solar eclipse.  NVIS wants to remind students that while we are excited about this opportunity, we want to make sure that our students are safe.  


For students that have class on Monday, we want to remind students that classes are continuing as normal.  At the end of each session, we will need all students to refrain from viewing the eclipse unless they have approved ISO solar eclipse glasses.  


NASA recommends that people who plan to view the eclipse should check the safety authenticity of viewing glasses to ensure they meet basic proper safety viewing standards.


Eclipse viewing glasses and handheld solar viewers should meet all the following criteria:


·      Have certification information with a designated ISO 12312-2 international standard

·      Have the manufacturer’s name and address printed somewhere on the product

·      Not be used if they are older than three years, or have scratched or wrinkled lenses

·      Not use homemade filters

·      Ordinary sunglasses -- even very dark ones -- should not be used as a replacement for eclipse viewing glasses or handheld solar viewers


NASA Website. 


Thank you for your understanding and constant support. 

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 8/18/17

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Our board, faculty and staff welcome you to many joyful learning experiences for your child.


The consistent vision of our Board of Trustees is 


"Transform Lives By Instilling 21st Century Skills and Inspire Lifelong Learning in Every Student."


Thank you for your commitment to work together so we all can best serve our students to achieve this vision.


Our students are making great progress, yet there is more work to be done. This year, the Board added a fourth goal to ensure that social-emotional learning and healthy living are integrated system-wide. We are fortunate to have amazing parents and generous community partners dedicated to developing well-rounded and empowered students.


Here are the academic goals adopted by the Board of Trustees for this school year.




1. Students will graduate college and career ready.

2. Staff will provide equitable access and opportunities to close the achievement gap.

3. Students will master 21st century skills.

4. Develop educational programs that support healthy living.


On behalf of the Board of Trustees, thank you for your commitment to transform and inspire our students.


Here's to a joyful and productive year!





Patrick J. Sweeney Ed.D.


Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 8/14/17

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June/July topics:


  • Summer opportunities listed on our website
  • Free meals for children in Napa, American Canyon over the summer
  • We've got construction going on!
  • Important dates for next school year
  • Incoming 7th graders need Tdap vaccine


Read the article >>>

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 6/27/17

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Part 1 of finals will be this week (Week of May 22) in class during your regular class times.  To get credit for finals you must complete part 1 and 2 of finals.  


Part 2 Finals will be take home and due the week of May 29. Students that attend on Monday will need to turn in Part 2 of the final on Tuesday.  


All work must be turned in by June 2nd.  No work will be accepted after this date. 

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 5/22/17

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Registration folders for the school year 2017-2018 will be coming home with your child during the week of May 15th.  The completed folders are due back to the office no later than Thursday, May 25th. 


If you have any questions or you have not been given a folder from your child by the end of next week, please do not hesitate to call the office at 259-8577. 

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 5/12/17

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Check out the NVUSD Summer 2017 Opportunities for Students page. It lists the activities available from NVUSD, and includes links to community offerings, like athletic and fitness camps; arts camps; activity or academic camps; travel opportunities, and more.

Posted by: Kelly Cliff, District Admin, Napa Valley Unified School District
Published: 5/5/17

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Napa Valley Independent Studies

May 1-5, 2017


Engaging Professionals:

~ Medical Fields

  • Dentists

  • Orthodontists

  • Stanford Research Doctor

  • Psychologist

  • Nurse

  • Napa State Hospital Supervisor

  • Vet Tech

  • Veterinarian

  • Gym Owner

~ Trades

  • Chef

  • Electrician

  • Military

  • Beautician

  • Machinist

  • Massage Therapist

  • Realtor

~ Service

  • Pilot

  • Police Officers

  • Fire Fighter


~ Technology

  • Computer Techs

  • Media Design

  • App Creator

Valuable Workshops

Resume Writing

Interview Skills

‘Careers In”

(subject specific fields)

Mock Interviews

Job Research

Communication Skills

Building Confidence




Location:  Napa Valley Independent Studies  3310 Linda Vista, Napa. CA.  94558

Phone:  (707) 259-8577    Questions: or


Link to sign up

~~  Sign up for professional, workshops, and mock interviews. ~~


Student Responsibilities  (Print out)


Mock Interview Preparation

~ How to prepare

~ What to wear

~ Interview questions preview

~ Follow up

“Creating Opportunities for the 21st Century Career and College Graduate”

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 4/27/17

Audience: Homepage

CAASPP Testing Schedule & Homework Drop off


Week of April 24th




3rd-6th grade: Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs

1:00 - 3:00


7th grade: Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs

8:00 - 10:00


8th grade: Mon, Tues, Weds & Thurs

10:00 - 12:00 


9th grade:  no testing


10th grade:  Monday  ~ Life Science only

8:30 - 11:30  Last names A-L

12:00 - 3:00  Last names M-Z


11th grade:  Tuesday & Wednesday

8:30 - 11:30  Last names A-C

12:00 - 3:00  Last names J-P


Thursday & Friday

8:30 - 11:30  Last names D-H

12:00 - 3:00  Last names R-Z


12th grade: no testing


Homework Drop Off


All students are required to drop off the work they completed on or by their schedule class appointment time.  Come by the office to sign in and drop off your work in your teacher's box. Academic credit and attendance will only be accounted for if the work is turned in on time. 


How NVIS uses the data

  • Provides valuable information on students reaching mastering of common core objectives.
  • Allows teachers to adjust lessons based on student needs to help close individual gaps in learning. 
  • Provides data to help determine placement at NVIS including the decision to seek other educational settings. 
  • To record growth in ELA and Math. 
  • To set individual students goals to reach proficiency
Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 4/20/17

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April 24-28, 2017


Grades 3-8, 10 and 11


Student Schedule for CAASPP April 2017

Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 3/28/17

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NVIS Welcomes

WASC Visiting Team

March 26-29, 2017





Posted by: Susan Wilson
Published: 3/20/17