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Graduation Requirements

Community Service Requirement

~ 75 hours of volunteering within the community that works in a related field of interest or provides a greater need to the people within the community. (Logs must be completed and turned in every 10 hours).  A weekly check in with an instructor to monitor progress and provide guidance will be required weekly.


~ A letter of intent addressed to the Principal of Napa Valley Alternative School.

A one page,  formal MLA letter addressed to the Principal of Napa Valley Alternative School seeking approval of the type of location you are hoping to volunteer at and for your reasons for choosing the selected areas. Due 2 weeks after Registration.


~ A letter of confirmation from Volunteer location with attached business card.

On letter head from the volunteer location, the supervisor of volunteers will confirm your acceptance to their location, list times, and basic responsibilities. Please have them attach a business card. Due 4 weeks after Fall Registration of senior year.


~ A synopsis paper that includes: why you choose this location, what are you expecting to gain from this experience, what challenges are you expecting to face, and what your basic responsibilities are.

MLA formatted minimum 2 full pages that address the three topics above. This will also include a tentative plan of your presentation plan.  Due 4 weeks after Fall registration of senior year.


~ Mid point Reflection paper.

MLA formatted minimum 2 pages reflection of current volunteer activities. Address topics that were highlighted in the synopsis paper and discuss changes that have occurred. Due when 35 hours have been completed.


~ Final Reflection paper.

MLA formatted, minimum 2 pages Final reflection on your time spent at your volunteer location that addresses the following: How has this experience affected you? What do you feel was your greatest compliment you received? What things would you change? What is the greatest moment you experienced while volunteering? Due when 70 hours have been completed.


~ Final Community Service Presentation.

A Ten minute presentation of your Community service experience that will be shared with staff, peers and parents that may include the following: Visuals, Thank you letters, power points, slide shows, etc. Please be dressed in proper presentation attire. Appointments will be scheduled when you turn in your Final reflection paper. All must be completed before 3 weeks of graduation.

Note: It is advised that you see your teachers for guidance and clarification questions. Papers will be returned for corrections if proper formatting is not followed. Please check all work before turning in.

You will receive 5 credits of Community Service Credit upon completion with a (Pass) grade. 

Units Needed for Graduation


40 Units


30 Units

Physical Science

10 Units

Life Science 

10 Units


20 Units

World History

10 Units

U.S. History

10 Units

American Government  

5 Units


5 Units

Foreign Language

20 Units


5 Units

Fine Arts 

10 Units


5 Units


180 Units

Additional Requirement:  Completion of Community Awareness Project