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Naviance Introduction


Connecting Learning & Life

Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for middle and high schools that helps connect academic achievement to post-secondary goals.


Napa Valley Independent Studies adopted Naviance in 2014 to help students to start connecting to resources for careers and colleges.   Students will have 6 projects to complete each year (3 per semester).  Each project will be listed on this website.   


Log in to Naviance here. 




Project 3: Due Dec 4th


9th Grade Students Only

  • Log in to your Naviance  account.
  • On the left hand side click on the quick link tab called” Reality Check.  “
  • Click on make money choices.
  • Go to choose your lifestyle.
  • Type in your zip code.
  • Read the prompt and answer the questions.
  • Enter your findings in the journal section of Naviance. (Click the about me tab then go down to interesting things about me and click on journal  add new entry.)
  • What did you learn from the questionnaire?
  • Will your career choice give you the income needed to have the lifestyle you chose?
  • Did the results of the questionnaire surprise you?
  • What are some steps that you will need to take to live this particular lifestyle?

10th -12th Grade Students

  • Log in to Naviance.
  • Click on careers.
  • Scroll down to What are my interests?
  • Click on Career Interest Profiler.
  • Read the introduction and click on start profile.
  • Review your results.
  • In your journal reflect on the following questions.
  1. List your top 3 interests. (in green)
  2. What are the definitions of those traits?
  3. Click on view occupations.
  4. Choose 2 careers to research.
  5. From the 2 careers you chose describe the preparation required.
  6. What are the day to day tasks of each career you chose?
  7. Add these to your list of careers.

Completed projects

Project 2: Due October 31st

Sign in to Naviance


All grades

1.  If you have not completed Project 1: Complete before going on to this project 2


Project 2

2.  a.  Go to "Careers; on the tool bar

     b. Click on "Cluster Finder" under my interests

     c.  Complete "Career Cluster Finder"

     d.  Add "clusters to your list"

3.  On the left hand side: click on "favorite careers & Cluster" under explore careers

      a.  Read the overview of your career area

      b.  Choose a career path to get deeper in to the career (blue box)  Read the overview, credentials, related courses, related majors, and Plan of study.

4.  Go to "about me" in the tool bar

        a.  go to interesting things about me. Click on "journal"

         b.  Add a new entry.  Tell us about your career you look deeper into.  Include: an overview, courses needed, post secondary courses needed, credentials, and related careers.



Please see Mrs. Gerenser if you need an access code 


Remember:  you get 5 bonus hours to be applied to a course if the assignment is completed on time.

Project 1: Due September 19, 2014

Welcome to Naviance.  As we start our journey into career and college readiness, we have adopted Naviance as our learning platform.  Three times a semester, you will be given a project to complete in Naviance. Each project can vary from 5 hours to 10 hours.  Students completing the work on time, will be awarded the hours that can be given to various courses.  


Project One:  Due Sept. 19, 2014   ALL GRADES


Click here to access Project #1



Feel Free to explore the site!  Have Fun! 


Questions:  Email or see: 

Holly Gerenser         ,us

Silvia de la Vallette