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B.E.S.T Program
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B.E.S.T Program

Expectation Matrix

With alignment to the NVUSD B.E.S.T policies, NVA has adopted the following:

Expectation Matrix







~ Be engaged.

~ Ask permission to leave the classroom.

~ Use equipment properly.

~ Keep hands and feet to self.

~ Move carefully around the classroom.

~ Respect the items of others.

~ Actively listen to teachers.

~ Use appropriate words and voice.

~Abide by the established dress code.

~ Clean up after yourself.

~ Turn in homework on time.

~ Electronic devices turned off and put away.

~ Listen and follow directions of adults.

~ Be on time

~ Obtain permission to use the school phone.

~ Recycle


Study Area at home

~ Area is free of clutter

~ Keep distractions to a minimum.

~ Keep books off floor and in a safe place.

~ Respect your study time.

~ Set specific goals for your study times. 

~ Have friends be respectful of your study time.

~ Be actively engaged.

~ Call/email for help when needed.

~ Schedule daily time for homework.

~ Be prepared for unexpected occurrences.

~ Take breaks responsibly (ten minutes every hour)

~ Avoid procrastination.


~ Be actively aware of your surroundings.

~ Be aware of private property.

~ Treat others with respect. 

~ Be respectful to other people’s property.

~ Use appropriate words and voice.


~ Keep the community clean.

~ Talk respectfully of others.

~ Use manners at all times.

~ Recycle


~ Get permission to leave the classroom.

~ Wash Hands

~ Keep area clean

~ Gives others privacy.


~ Dispose of items properly.

~ Lock doors after use.
~ Turn lights off

Emergency Areas

~ Walk Briskly

~ Follow calmly and quietly to evacuations areas.

~ Listen to teachers for instructions.

~ Proper student release must be adhered to.

~ Keep hands, feet and possessions to self.

~ Be aware of other’s person needs.

~ Be aware of emergency procedures.

~ Notify teachers of hazards.


~ Walk in all designated parking areas.

~ Drive slow and defensively.

~ Obey all rules posted.

~ Park within designated areas.

~ Keep the parking area clean.