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June/July topics:


  • Summer opportunities listed on our website
  • Free meals for children in Napa, American Canyon over the summer
  • We've got construction going on!
  • Important dates for next school year
  • Incoming 7th graders need Tdap vaccine


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August 16, 2017

 All students 



9:00 am All newly enrolled students for Fall 2016-2017 (ones that attended orientation)

9:30 am   Returning students  Last names: A - D  & K-5    

10:00 am Returning students  Last names: E - I

10:30 am Returning students  Last names: J - M  & 6th grade

11:00 am Returning students  Last names: N - R  & 7th grade

11:30 am Returning students  Last names: S - Z   & 8th grade


During the Fall registration day, your child will get the following:

~ Class Schedule

~ First Assignments

~ Schedule their appointment times



Check out the NVUSD Summer 2017 Opportunities for Students page. It lists the activities available from NVUSD, and includes links to community offerings, like athletic and fitness camps; arts camps; activity or academic camps; travel opportunities, and more.

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Independent Studies Calendar

Today: 7/20/17


How to Enroll


NVIS Student Learning Outcomes


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Students at Napa Valley Independent Studies will be:


  1. Academic Achievers who are engaged in a variety of inquiry-based experiences that show growth toward college and career goals.

  2. Complex Thinkers who can use critical and creative thinking skills to successfully acquire, analyze, organize and apply information.

  3. Self-directed Learners who can set short/long-term goals and follow through with them. They will be technologically proficient, make informed decisions, be on time, be responsible and accept consequences. They will accept the challenge of lifelong learning.

  4. Effective Communicators who articulate ideas, opinions and information in a responsible and respectful manner. They will incorporate technology as a means of communication and sharing information. They will show respect for diverse perspectives.

  5. Respectful Citizens who contribute to the classroom and community, display personal character and academic integrity, and abide by the BEST Expectations of the Napa Valley Unified School District.





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